Large Accounting Firm

If you are looking for a local accounting firm like the one pictured below (the whole building), you are in the wrong place. 

Accounting Firm.png

Small Accounting Firm

If it is a small accounting firm you are looking for, like the one pictured below, you are still in the wrong place...

small accounting.jpg

Minimalist Accountant

If it is a Minimalist Accountant you are searching for, YOU FOUND IT. The reality is, accounting is all about organization, you find an organized accountant with very limited overhead, a ridiculous amount of attention to detail, a fear of making mistakes, and the ability to communicate 24/7 with clients, you need look no further. The image below is a good indicator of what your accounting and payroll will look like on paper (and it is very reminiscent of our accountants workspace)

Image by Bench Accounting